Welcome to Shri Hardev Kripa Education College

Goals and Objectives

To achieve our mission, all aspects of our department and staff are dedicated to student success and program excellence through continuous improvement.

  1. Curricular Programs.
    Learning Opportunities.
    Student mentoring.
    Training in Safety and Health.
  2. Offering Liberal Arts degrees.
    Offering sequential classes.
    Seeking new and updating existing.
  3. Promoting the health and safety.
    Managing instructional resources.
    Promoting positive ways.
  4. Assessing teaching strategies.
    Alternative pedagogies.
    Ensuring professional credential.
  5. Promoting student volunteerism.
    Encouraging active faculty.
    High-quality exhibitions for the education.
  6. Meeting student needs by creating an educational environment in which students can attain a variety of goals.
  7. Fostering a learning community in which the diverse values, goals, and learning styles of all students are recognized and supported.
  8. Encouraging enthusiastic, independent thinkers and learners striving for personal growth.
  9. Implementing cutting-edge technology that enhances instruction and prepares students for life-long success.